Current view of the Otis General Store


The Otis General Store (OGS) is situated between Beech Hill Pond, Green Lake and Graham Lake – servicing the towns of Otis and Mariaville. With a year-round population base of about twelve hundred people, the number of residents triple during the summer months from mid-June to Labor Day as Mainers and out-of-staters visit our lake-studded region.

Traffic flow, on an annualized basis, is 1,560 vehicles per day as Route 180 serves as an alternate route to Bangor from Ellsworth and also feeds Route 181, which connects to Route 9, an alternate route heading to Downeast. Beech Hill School is located a quarter-mile south from the store nearly across the street from the town office. A new Otis/Mariaville fire station is located two miles north of the store.

The store is perfectly located to service lake communities and local townspeople with the competition eight miles south to Ellsworth and twelve miles north to Clifton/Amherst.

(Current view of the Otis General Store)